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The Lauren Woman

There’s a lot of talk around body positivity and dressing for your size at the moment, and we’re not going to weigh in on the argument, other than that we believe you can dress well whatever size you are! Wear what makes you feel good! This is echoed by the latest Lauren by Ralph Lauren campaign.

Click here to see the video.

Admittedly the actors chosen are very slender and very beautiful, but the sentiments they echo are all empowering, positive and frankly, how I think I’d like to be described one day!

The latest collection has clothing for every occasion from a work environment with beautifully tailored suiting, to weekend wear with circle skirts and slouchy knits and tea dresses that can be so versatile – wear with heels and a hat for a formal occasions and slip-on’s, trainers or sandals for a more casual look for sunny afternoons, gatherings with friends and as seen on the video, dancing with your dog.

The colours of the Lauren collection are classic and accentuated with muted tones of pastels which are all the rage, and has tones of stone colours which suit all complexions even when tanned. These look great with navy, black, red and white which appear every year too. It has timeless prints and a flattering silhouette; comfort is key. Clothing needn’t be tight to be alluring you know.

The actors talk of a Lauren woman being graceful, strong and kind, with confidence and the range allows for expression of an individual’s character and isn’t overpowering, you know, where the dress shouts at you, the ethos of the brand is to allow ones inner beauty to shine through.

These are clothes to wear that allow you to be in the moment, to not be worrying about comfort or modesty; the clothes are just right. They are unapologetically classy and ready to wear by women just going about the ordinary, extraordinary lives.

Easy on the eye, easy to look after and easy to mix and match, sounds like my kind of woman!

Are you a Lauren woman?

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