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Stay Warm, Look Cool

A bit like hybrid cars, electric for part of your journey and fossil fuel for the remainder, we have some ‘hybrid’ jackets which will keep you warm and warmer, (I’ll explain) and yet look cool, instead of like the Michelin man all layered up for the changing weather.

This time of year is always a bit confusing as it can be a crisp, sunny day and you feel silly wearing a coat or it can be suddenly persisting it down and you’re not quite dressed well enough. Enter ‘technical fabrics and cutting edge design’. Enter Gagliardi.

These jackets are made from fabrics made in the Prato district of Italy by a company called Delfi, who are specialists in materials which are breathable, warm and water resistant.

We design all our clothes in-house and use sustainable materials where possible. Our designer has taken in to account that these may be worn over smart work outfits and also casualwear. Designed to look like a blazer but with the padded panelling to the front and back, with traditional sleeves and a pettorina for that extra warmth I eluded to.

The pettorina can be zipped up for seriously cold weather and removed completely to make the jacket perfect for those ‘smart casual’ events. Pockets inside and out mean you can keep stuff handy and dry too.

The grey is my personal favourite. Looks great on chaps with greying hair and being neutral, works with most colours. Try it with beige and olive green. Honestly, trust me.

The navy is the classic of course, which you can wear with anything; dress it up with a striped tie for a military man look, burgundy for a preppy vibe, blues and browns for every day, just don’t don with black.

Although not required for protection from the weather, pair with a scarf to add some colour if you’re wearing it with other shades of blue.

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