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Step out in style

By mid-August, I’m done with summer. I start to look forward to the new collections, wintry food, my birthday and yes, I’m one of those annoying people who starts to think and talk (albeit quietly with a handful of like-minded friends) about Christmas after the first public holiday in September.

Easter has the same effect on me with dreams of a bikini body in time for #beachingit, being tanned in time for #weddingit and navigating boat days and crazy nights of our almost endless summer.

But all this takes prep. Sadly, you can’t just flip a switch like when the Azores Highs settle and be ready for the lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer and the heat that brings. It’s now time, if you haven’t already, to start the physical maintenance. Set aside a couple of hours and plan to do a body VRT on yourself.

Slough off the dead cells with a good body scrub, remove any unwanted hair – there are so many home methods to choose from - get a face mask and relax for the time stipulated, and moisturise, all over. You can buy very good products online at, in your local pharmacy and supermarkets also have an extensive range of home spa products and you might well find you have items in your pantry that work perfectly well.

Once you have tackled your face and body, it’s time for your feet. You will soon be wearing toe-baring sandals (have you seen the gorgeous new Ellington Ralph Lauren ones we have in 4 colours) and so a home pedi is definitely something you should do now and it’s something you can do by yourself, with your partner and even with kids. We recently did an online foot massage class and it was a fabulous way to spend an hour!

Your new silky smooth skin won’t stay that way for long if you walk around barefoot. Pop on some Happy Socks, if you’re just hanging out at home, or some pumps if you’re venturing out. Nothing says summer quite like a fresh pair of white sneakers for the day, or gold sandals for the night.

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