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Big on style

I was once told by a wise woman whose multiple snippets of sage advice given to me in my early twenties (and which I have quoted to many a girlfriend since), that you should never date a man whose legs were thinner than yours. In my early twenties, this was quite easy, but as time passed and my body changed, I updated this to ‘never date a man with thinner arms than you’, which has been easier to follow and has resulted in a wonderful benefit of good quality cuddles, which I believe are one of the absolutely best things in life.

Listening to advice is something we at Bortex do a lot of; we get lots of feedback through various channels and of course, because we have many shops across the islands, requests, comments and the like to our in-store teams are also fed back to HQ.

Over recent months, we’ve been receiving much interest in a larger size range for men’s weekend jackets. These are the sort you’d wear to a family occasion, like a Holy Communion, or wedding.

Just in time for the season – and it was close, due to well, I’m sure you understand - we now have a collection of jackets up to a size 56” chest size available in our Mosta, Marsa and Plaza stores.

Wear with a button-down shirt and no tie to look smart but feel comfortable, add a summer scarf for that enigmatic artistic look, or don a waistcoat to give a more slender appearance.

They can of course be worn for less formal events like the fast approaching Father’s Day. If you are organising a lunch or are the dad the day is in honour of, perhaps you can try one of these out with a pair of chinos, jeans, city shorts or even smart trousers. They are not restrictive and allow you share those hugs, which hopefully by then we will be able to do freely.

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