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Live Like An A Lister in Lockdown

We’re such pro’s at ‘lockdown’ now, that while having to shut our stores and work from home again is a bit disappointing, we have mastered it and are here to share a few of our “How To Live Like An A Lister in Lockdown” tips.

The first thing we do is use the time we save by not commuting to look after ourselves better; take time in the bathroom, use those products we got for Christmas that we all save for special occasions; if there’s one lesson learned, it’s to treat every day like a special occasion.

On to breakfast, it can be a bit crazy getting everyone at home ready for the day and rooms tidy ready for the online day, so here’s a hack to get ahead of yourself – overnight oats – each member of the family can choose their own flavours and look forward to waking up to them!

Now to work / school – we strongly believe you feel better when you dress well. Of course we’re going to say that because we sell clothes, right? But try it. Getting dressed and doing your hair and adding some accessories, really make you able to take on the day and somehow sit better and come across better too.

So to this end, in addition to , our team have created a Virtual Shopping Service, so you can shop from the comfort of your own home or set up a call with one of our experienced shop managers who can show you any products with a one-to-one online consultation. How indulgent is that?

After school and work is over, your commute time bonus can be used to stay in touch with friends, pick up the phone, you’ve all been on screens all day. Maybe make something, upcycle or mend something, or just take the hour for yourself to read quietly or to turn up the volume and dance around the kitchen.

There are loads of options for dinner choices, and it’s OK to treat yourselves to a delivery when it’s all a bit much but cooking with your partner and family can be fun too. Take some inspiration from local chef, Stephen La Rosa. We definitely recommend you sign up to his newsletter – even if just for the 10-minute Tuesday recipes!